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Sunday, 7 July 2013

When did potato croquettes become fine dining

That might seem a really random question to ask but it's been bugging me recently.
On the last few cruises I've been on, (with three different cruise lines), at most dinners a lot of the meals have come with potato croquettes, (mashed potato covered in breadcrumbs for those who have never had one).
I'm not saying I don't enjoy them. In fact as a kid I loved them, (as do my kids now), but how are they fine dining?

The croquettes of my childhood came out of a bag in the freezer and were mass produced by companies such as Birdseye and the like.
I'm sure an argument could be made that cruise ship croquettes are hand made rather than mass produced and frozen, (although I doubt that), but whilst they don't taste any worse they certainly don't taste any better.

I'm wondering if maybe this is a chicken and an egg type situation? Did companies start mass producing them because cruise lines offered them up as fine dining or are cruise lines offering up a firm favourite that people enjoy at home?
I know it may seem a strange thing to wonder about but it's been niggling at me every time I'm served them and I can't help but feel that the cruise lines are offering them as a cheap alternative.

What do you think? Are there any potato croquette experts out there who can settle this?
Are croquettes fine dining or are they being offered to us by the cruise lines simply to save money?
Let me know what you think here.

Happy cruising.

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