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About Me

Hi, I'm James Crossland.
I've been working in the cruise industry for just over two years now. I was bitten by the cruise bug after I booked a Northern European cruise for my honeymoon. I was looking for a change of direction at the time so when I got back I started work for and haven't looked back since. In fact in 2011 I was nominated for Cruise Consultant of the Year in an industry wide competition and ended up winning!
Yep thats right, I'm officialy the best cruise consultant you will find.

I've been married for nearly three years but was with my wife for about 11 years before that, (it feels a lot longer sometimes). We live in the Midlands, (just south of Birmingham) and have a gorgeous little boy called Harry and a little girl called Summer who loves to keep both me and my wife awake at night.
For anyone that would like a bit more information you can check out these posts, (by clicking here),  that I have written all about me or you could just call me up for chat!