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Strange But True Cruise Facts

Sometimes things seem so strange that they can't possibly be true. The weird thing is if something's to strange to be true, nine times out of ten, it will be true! Just click the title of the article you want to read.

When did potato croquettes become fine dining?

The Balmoral bark - Fact or fiction?

Cruising traditions - But why do we do them?

Do high rollers get to cruise for free?

Blue Monday - Fact or fiction?

The little hotel that could.........

P&O- Truth or Urban Legend?

Run your own cruise line - A game for your phone

Man gives away a free holiday

What is a pink sand beach?

Buy a Bernie Warner bear with Cunard this year

Some interesting cruise statistics

Which is it, The Queen Victoria or the Arcadia?

Cruise ship superstitions

Why is New Zealand called 'New' Zealand?

What's wrong with the Titanic movie?

How do you sail only half the Panama Canal?

Top ten strange facts about Alaska

Sex n' drugs' Onboard credit

The Wreck of the Titan

Owling - Another internet craze coming to a cruise ship near you

Do you toast you're bread on just one side?

What is that building on the way to Southampton?

Strange objects confiscated on a cruise

Ever seen a horse on a Fred Olsen cruise?

Fish carpets on the NCL Jewel and Jade

Why does it always rain at the weekend?

Sleeping with the crew

Glass bottomed cruise ships - Would it be possible?

Planking - The latest craze sweeping the internet.

Topless sunbathing on a cruise ship

Why are cruise ships always named after women?

Florentine football

Is the P&O Aurora haunted?

Bangkoks real name

Unlucky number 17

The dark side of the cruise industry

An Englishman in New York

Commute to work in a cruise ship

How Hitler saved the cruise industry

Why is P&O called P&O?

Which animal are the Canary islands named after?

How do you pronounce Caribbean?

The future of cruising

25 hours in a day? It does happen

Weird place names

The QE3, an argument settled

Talk like a Pirate day

Why isn't she called the QE3?

Why can't I call my cruise ship a boat?

Can goats climb trees?