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Cruise News

Check back here often for the most up to date in cruise and nautical news, gossip, rumours and debate with my opinion on all the latest breaking cruise stories.
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MSC ban smoking on Divina  - But are they being fair? - 09th Sep 13

Anthem of the Seas to sail from Southampton? - 03rd Sep 13

Robotic arms to appear on Quantum of the Seas - 30th Aug 13

Daily Mail report on Benenden Health's signs you're middle aged, (I wasn't happy cruising was in the list!) - 29th Aug 2013 

18% of cruisers not happy with their cruise - 09th Jul 13

Are British cruise brands starting to chase a German market? - 26th May 13

Captain of the Nieuw Amsterdam rescues two sailors - 16th May 13

Are Cunard cutting costs? - 03rd May 13

Stage two of the Vantage fares confirmed, (plus more rumour) - 19th Mar 2013

Problems with UK immigration. - 29th Jan 2013

Princess launch two new mini cruises - But will they annoy some of their regular cruisers?

Are cruiselines trying to do away with steaks? - 07th Jan 2013

P&O Russell Watson Cruise - but will people be disappointed - 02nd Nov 2012

A new cruise line to launch by 2016? - 02nd Nov 2012

Royal confirm new mega ship - 28th Oct 12

Tropical Storm Sandy affects cruise itineraries - 26th Oct 12

New Barcelona Hotel Tax - 18th Oct 12

P&O start work on a new ship - 09th Oct 12

Stage two and three of P&Os getaway fares - 07th Sep 2012

Mediterranean sailings with Royal Caribbean - 22nd Aug 2012

Nomination for Europes leading travel agent - 09th Aug 2012

Viking announce expansion into the ocean cruising market - 13th May 2012

HRH will inspect the P&O fleet - 09th May 2012

P&O set to steal from cruise passengers!  - 7th May 2012

RCCL to offer a 'drag' theme cruise - 23rd April 2012

80% Costa cruise discounts - 16th April 2012

P&O budget cuts - 26th March 2012

Concordia Captain signs a book deal - 23rd Mar 2012

Surprise new ship for MSC - 13th March 2012

English cruise ships to see a massive increase in German passengers - 11th March 2012

Price hike in travel insurance set to affect over 65's - 08th March 2012

Argentina refuses entry to cruise ships - 02nd Mar 2012

Angry Birds theme park ride - 22nd Feb 2012

Fred Olsen charter the Braemar for the Olympics - 21st Feb 2012

Cure for the dreaded norovirus - 19th Feb 2012

Sneak peek of the new Royal Princess - 14th Feb 2012

Buy a Bernie Warner bear with Cunard - 09th Feb 2012

Fred Olsen release details of their 2013 African cruise program - 06th Feb 2012

Liverpool granted turnaround status - 04th Feb 2012

Fred Olsen scrap 5% online discount - 04th Feb 2012

P&O cancel Azura 2012 world cruise - 29th Jan 2012

Crystal cruises announce surprise for their May Serenity sailing - 26th Jan 2012

Did Costa offer a 30% discount to Concordia survivors - 24th Jan 2012

Audio tape of a conversation between the Coast Guard and the Captain of the Costa Concordia - 24th Jan 2012

U turn in Greek cruising laws - 28th Aug 2010