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Monday, 9 September 2013

Are MSC being hypocritical?

MSC have recently changed the rules for smoking on-board the MSC Divina. This is to bring her in line with the expectations of the U.S market when she starts to sail from Miami in November.
From then on the only areas you will be able to smoke on the ship will be the Cigar lounge, selected areas of the outside deck and the casino, (sort of).
It's the rules about the casino that has annoyed me by being too vague.

The official press release from MSC has stated that smoking will be permitted at certain times and only in certain areas of the casino at the discretion of the casino manager.

Now I'm not a smoker so the ban doesn't really bother me but that "at the discretion of the casino manager" does. To me it sounds like all smoking will be banned in the casino unless you're spending a lot of money in which case the casino manager will come running with an ash tray.
I may be wrong.
I hope I am.
But how would you feel if you'd been told you couldn't smoke at a table only to come back another time and see someone, (spending a lot more money than you did), being allowed to smoke.
Would you be happy? Would you feel fairly treated by MSC?

Do you think this is how it will be run? What do you think MSC meant by at the casino managers discretion?
I know casinos have always favoured high rollers, offering them cheaper or free rooms etc but it does seem particularly unfair in the enclosed environment of a cruise ship.
Let me know what you think below..............

Happy cruising.

Written by James Crossland

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