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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I H8GAYS - (I don't really!)

Just in case you think I've lost my mind and suddenly turned homophobic; I haven't. The title of today's post comes direct from a really unfortunate error on behalf of Delta Air Lines. 

Their boarding passes are computer generated with a random 6 digit code along the top made up of letters and numbers.
So far so good. Nothing unusual there you say. Except that the random choice of letters and numbers somehow left Jeff White with a boarding pass stamped with the message H8GAYS.
In a quote to the Washington post he said,
"At first I didn't think I'd read it right.
I was worried that another customer might think I somehow picked that code. If I were a gay male, I might have thought that a Delta worker purposely gave me that code and that would have made me extremly uncomfortable."


Delta are now taking steps to ensure this doesn't happen again along with any other offensive combinations according to their spokesman Russel Cason.

Have you ever had this with a boarding pass? Let me know here!

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