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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Did you know?

Do you want to hear something really strange?
I was shopping for a birthday present for my son Harry the other day, (he turned 3 today), when I noticed a book called 'The Wreck of the Titan' by a man called Morgan Robertson.
Nothing strange about that you may say. No? Well read on.
It's the story about a doomed luxury cruise liner named 'The Titan'; the largest, fastest, most luxurious and glamorous cruise ship ever built.
She was carrying the wealthy and well to do from Southampton to New York on her maiden voyage in the month of April with her Captain determined to beat the nautical speed record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Then, in the middle of the night the ship hit an iceberg and sank, with most of the crew and passengers dying due to a lack of lifeboats onboard.

So what you say? Obviously this Morgan Robertson was just writing a cheap rip off the Titanic disaster. What's so strange about that? Well this is where it gets weird. The Wreck of the Titan was written in 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic sank! How bizarre is that?

Strange but true.

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