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Monday, 19 September 2011

When's the best time to to do a Fjord cruise?

This may well sound like a bit of a strange question as 90% of cruise lines only offer Fjord cruises during the summer months but the answer isn't what you might expect. The best time to cruise the Fjords is anytime.
The unique geography of the Fjords offers something a little different depending on which season you travel in, offering something a little different each time.
Find out what below.

Spring - A lot of people might not think it's worth doing a cruise to the Fjords this early as the nice summer weather has yet to arrive but I think it might be one of my favourite times of the year in Norway.
One of the big reasons for booking a Fjord cruise is to see the scenery and what better time to enjoy the best nature has to offer than spring? During this season all the spring melt, (all the melted water from the winters snow), is surging down the rivers and Fjords, really making the waterfalls roar. As well as that all the trees will be full of blossom lending an extra element to the beauty of this great destination.

Summer - The most popular time to cruise to the Fjords. It may surprise some of you but temperatures can rise as high as 25-30C during the summer, so whilst you might not be strolling around in a bikini you can definitely leave the protective winter gear at home! A lot of people travel to Norway in the summer in the expectation of seeing the Land of the Midnight Sun. This is certainly possible during this time, just bear in mind that the peak times are June - July and you'd need to travel right up to the North of Norway, so make sure you check your itinerary carefully.

Autumn - Now the Fjords aren't the first place many people would consider for an Autumn cruise as the weather is starting to get that little bit worse as it heads into winter but for the interested traveler they can offer something nearly unique.
Have you ever considered going to New England for the Fall? A lot of people in America, (and further afield), do as there's something about the climate and latitude of New England that makes the scenery particularly beautiful during the Autumn. As the leaves start to change colour you get dozens of different varieties of red, brown and gold, making for some spectacular views.
If that sounds interesting for you but you can't fit the USA into your budget you may want to consider a Norwegian fjord cruise instead as the two places look and feel very similar during the Autumn months with the added benefit that Norway is a lot closer to home.

Winter - Most people wouldn't even consider a Fjords cruise during the winter months as they think the weather would be miserable.
 I'm not going to sugar coat it for you, if you do a winter fjords cruise it will be cold!
However, where else do you get the chance to see the Northern lights in such spectacular glory?
This is the big selling point to a winter Fjord cruise; long, long nights where you'll have a tremendous opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis above you as well as the chance to enjoy great shore excursions like snow mobiling, huskie sledding and stays in a hotel made entirely of ice. Now hows that for a holiday?

So what do you think? What's your 'Norwegian season'? Have you ever cruised Norway and would you recommend it to others?
Let me know here and.......

Happy cruising.