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Thursday, 29 August 2013

I don't think so Daily Mail

I don't read the Daily Mail for a multitude of reasons but we won't get into my political leanings here. The reason I mention it is that I missed this article yesterday but one of my colleagues has kindly ripped the page out of yesterdays paper and left it on my desk.
When I first saw the article I thought someone was trying to make an obscure joke about my age -
When does middle age really begin? On your 53rd birthday
It wasn't until I started reading that I noticed the cruise reference hidden in the article.

The Daily Mail was reporting on a survey conducted by Benenden Health of 2,000 adults that indicated people didn't start to feel middle aged until they reached fifty three.
So far so good I thought; I'm only thirty two so if someones making a joke about my age then it's back fired on them. Then I got to the list.
Taken from the survey these are the top twenty signs the respondents gave to tell when you're middle aged...........

  • Hate noisy pubs and prefer a night in to a night on the town
  • Have no idea what 'young' people are talking about
  • Complain of aches and pains and groan when you bend down
  • Need a daily afternoon nap
  • Not know the name of any modern bands or any songs in the top ten
  • Struggle to work everyday technology such as tablets and internet TVs
  •  Think police/teachers/doctors look really young
  • Get shocked by how racy music videos are nowadays
  • Buy clothes and shoes for comfort rather than style
  • Join the National Trust and take a flask of tea on a day out
  • Forget peoples names and misplace your glasses/bag/car keys
  • Take a keen interest in gardening and The Antiques Roadshow
  • Complain that TV is not like it was in the old days
  • Listen to the Archers and Radio Two
  • Trade in the family car for something sportier
  • Have bushy eyebrows, hairy ears and nose but are thinning on top
  • Recycle obsessively and know bin collection dates
  • Fall asleep after one glass of wine
  • Prefer a walk to a Sunday lie-in
Excuse me? Booking a cruise is a middle aged past time!!???!!!
Fifteen, twenty years ago maybe Daily Mail, (and to be fair Benenden Health), but not these days!

Book a cruise with NCL and attend their white hot party and tell me that!
Book a cruise on the MSC Preziosa and try out the longest slide at sea!
Book a Royal Caribbean cruise and go ice skating at sea!
Book a Disney cruise and hang out with Mickey Mouse!
Book a cruise on Royal Caribbeans new Quantum of the Seas and enjoy the worlds first bumper cars at sea!

Cruising is many things to many people and yes certain ships may attract older passengers but solely the preserve of the middle aged, (especially aged over fifty three)? Not on your life!

Mind you that all been said reading over the above list I can spot myself in at least half of those descriptions so maybe I should just shut up and invest in a cardigan and pipe!

Happy cruising 

Written by James Crossland

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