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Friday, 30 August 2013

Royal Caribbean introduce robots to the fleet

I'm constantly amazed by the innovations cruise lines introduce to new cruise ships trying to stay ahead in the game of 'who's got the best ship'.

Sometimes this works really well and we end up with features like bumper cars at sea, (Royal Caribbean), zip wires, (Royal Caribbean and Carnival), planks to walk over the edge of the ship, (NCL), 'magic' port holes with well loved children's characters peering in, (Disney), to name just a few! Other times it doesn't and you get the world's biggest cake shop at sea or the worlds biggest hedge art sculpture.

This next innovation though looks simply amazing!
If I've one complaint about cruising, (blasphemy I know), then it's the shows in the theatre. I've always found them a little amateur dramatics for my taste and tended to do other things, (there's plenty to do), but after reading this my mind may just be changed.

Royal Caribbean have just announced that the theatre in Quantum of the Seas will have giant robot arms that will each carry massive 100' plasma screens!
The screens will compliment the show being performed whilst the arms will move in synchronisation, moving the screens around whilst still maintaining the display as a whole.
The screens will be placed in Two70, so named for the 270 degree panoramic views that will reach for nearly three decks at the back of the ship.
Sound confusing? Well that's probably because Two70 will be one of those things that need to be seen to be believed. Take a look at this video for a much better idea of what I'm talking about......

Bob Kerns, RCI Executive Entertainment Producer said in a video on RCI's website that -
"We are doing something that has never been done before". Boy did he get that right!

So what do you think? Is that it for Quantum of the Seas? Has Royal Caribbean shown us everything they possibly can when it comes to this new ship or do you think they've a few more surprises up their sleeves?

Happy cruising

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