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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How to beat a cruise ship casino

Cruise ship casinos work a bit different from their land based counterparts. To start with they're obviously a lot smaller. They're also much more focused on entertaining you rather than emptying your wallet.
That being said however they're still, at heart, a casino and all casinos the world over tend to operate on the same rule, "the house always wins".
There are however a few simple rules you can follow that, whilst they may seem obvious, should give you an edge.

Rule one - The house always wins! You'll find loads of 'systems' in books and on the internet, most asking you to buy them first, all stating it's a guaranteed way to beat the house.
They're all rubbish.
If you play for long enough you will eventually lose all your money, so the first rule is never gamble more money than you're happy to lose. Ask yourself why anyone with a guaranteed 'system' to beat a casino is writing a book rather than out using it.

Rule two - Know the odds - You'll be amazed how many people don't know the odds involved in the games they play.
This is fine if you're just messing around for a couple of pounds but if you do want to walk away with your money, (and the casinos), learn the game and know what your odds of winning are for each bet.

Rule three - Know when to quit - This rule works both ways. There's no point winning a small fortune if you're going to give it all back to the casino and vice versa there's no point throwing good money after bad. Set yourself a limit. Know how much you're willing to lose and have an idea how much you'd like to win so you know when to walk away.

Rule four - Don't drink - Unlike normal casinos a cruise ship casino won't be plying you with free drinks, (mores the pity), but it's worth pointing out that under the influence of alcohol people make stupid decisions, (just look at the ring on my wedding finger if you don't believe me), and none of the tips are going to help if you're four sheets to the wind.

Rule five - Always, always remember the golden rule.
The only way to leave a casino with a small fortune is to enter with a large one!

Happy cruising

PS If my wife is reading this I was joking about the wedding ring thing - Honest.


  1. Hi James
    Can you tell me what currency is used in the machines on Princess Ships in the casino. Being American I feel it will be dollars. As most purchases are via the card facility, how does this work with the casino machines ?

    Thanking you in anticipation


  2. It will be in dollars and there will be a cashier who will give you the change and then add it on to your on board account

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