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Monday, 17 October 2011

River cruising - The naked truth

I recently wrote a post about a swingers cruise on an Azamara ship sailing in 2013, (you can read the post by clicking here), and at the risk of giving myself a bit of a reputation I've just come across another cruise in a similar vein.

Rather than being a swingers cruise though this one has been designed for naturists.
As I said in the last post this kind of cruise, where a group will charter a whole ship for a specific purpose is actually quite common as you can now see. Themed and chartered cruises sail all the time with loads of different themes available.
It's on an e-waterways luxury river cruise, unusually for a river cruise sailing the coast of Adriatic, island hopping rather than heading straight down a river, (not quite sure how this cruise would've worked going down a river, with people waving from the bank).
They are offering four different dates with slightly different itinerary on the 16th June and 25th August with prices, cruise only, from £465pp and the 9th June and 18th August with prices from £389pp, again cruise only.

What's interesting me about this cruise though is people reactions. I remember when I posted about the swingers cruise everyone was absolutely disgusted and couldn't believe Azamara would do something like that where as with this one all the comments seem to be a bit more tongue in cheek.
What do you think? Would you do a naturist cruise and bare all to the elements or is this not the one for you?

Happy cruising


  1. Hell. The shapes and sizes you see on a cruise ship! No thanks. :)

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