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Friday, 4 November 2011

Booking a back to back cruise

I wrote a post yesterday about one of the pitfalls of booking a back to back cruise, (it was just from America), but it occurred to me that the post was a bit one sided as there are some great benefits to booking a back to back cruise as well.
Todays post then will be all about the pros and cons of back to back cruising. Feel free to add your own underneath if you think I've missed any.

Pros -
1. You get to spend longer at sea, (who wouldn't want to be at sea for as long as possible).
2. You can tailor your itinerary much easier to your needs.
3. Cruise lines will often offer a discount for booking the cruises back to back.
4. You don't have to stay on the same ship, or even the same cruise line. If your travel agent is good enough they should be able to time it so you can get off one ship and straight on to another.
5. Many cruise lines will offer double loyalty points for anyone booking a back to back cruise with them.
6. If you let them know at check in you can normally check in for both cruises at once.

Cons -
1. You might not always be able to stop in the same cabin, meaning you might need to move to a new room halfway through your holiday, (the porters will move your luggage for you if you ask).
2. Depending on how you organise it you can end up doing the same itinerary twice.
3. Some cruise lines won't discount for a back to back cruise, leaving you paying full fare for two separate cruises.
4. See the post I did yesterday for problems in booking back to back cruises from America, click here to view it.
5. Annoyingly if the two separate cruises come with onboard credit it has to be used per cruise, not over the entire back to back trip.

So what do you think? Have I missed anything?
What have your experiences been like on back to back cruises? Let me know here.

Happy cruising.

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