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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Too religious to cruise?

How religious are you? Too religious to cruise? Does such a thing even exist?
I obviously don't mean that a religion has made it a sin to travel on a cruise ship, (at least I don't think so); what I mean is do you have to schedule your cruises around any religious festivals or holidays?
Well, not any more you don't.

I've just heard that Princess cruises offer celebrations onboard for religious festivals for several major religions. As well as that inter-denominational services are conducted every Sunday by the ship's staff (the Captain or cruise director, etc.).
Princess cruises will also place guest Catholic and Jewish clergy onboard for the following religious holidays, (Catholic clergy will perform both Catholic and Protestant services when onboard).
I'm not sure how happy some people would be with a Catholic priest conducting Protestant services, but on the other hand it could be seen as a nice sign of religious co-operation.

Easter Sunday
Yom Kippur
Rosh Hashanah

Princess cruises website does ask Jewish cruise passengers to note that during Passover, there will be a Seder dinner held onboard. The Rabbi will determine when the Seder(s) will be held. For Hanukkah, a Rabbi is not placed by Princess.
However, services are available and led by Jewish passengers with wine, Challah bread, prayers and Menorah provided by Princess.

So how religious are you? Have you ever missed a cruise due to a religious festival at home? And would this news make you more likely to celebrate it at sea?

Happy cruising.

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