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Friday, 11 November 2011

Royal Caribbean change age of of drinking

I wrote a blog last week about how I thought Royal Caribbean was perfect for families with small children or adults on their own but were sadly lacking for the 17-21yr old age bracket.
This is because at the age of seventeen the average British teenager is far too old for the kids clubs but won't be allowed to drink on any of Royal Caribbeans cruise ships until they turn 21, (you can read the full article here).
Now I'm not claiming responsibility for their policy change, I'm just saying it's a bit of a coincidence it happens a week after I write about it.
Hmmmmm, yes I know, I've got a big head! 
The good news for Brit travelers is that Royal Caribbean have now brought there drinking policy in line with the countries that they sail from meaning that if you are on a Royal Caribbean cruise sailing out of Europe, South America, Asia, Australia or New Zealand you will now be able to drink onboard from the age of 18 without needing a waiver from your parents, (18yr olds can currently drink on Royal Caribbean cruises as long as their parents sign a form and are also present on the cruise).
The only cruises this change wont affect are any departing from North America where the legal drinking age will stay at 21.
However before you rush out to book a Royal Caribbean cruise, these changes don't come in effect till spring 2012.

So what do you think? I think it's a great thing bringing Royal Caribbeans drinking policies in line with their departure ports but I can see where more traditional cruisers may be against it. Are you worried about hordes of drunk teenagers onboard?
Now if we can only get them to change their gratuities policy to coincide with the countries they sail from as well!

Happy cruising.

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