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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ever wanted to run your own cruise line?

Ever since my oldest child figured out how to use my I-Phone about two years ago it seems every time I pick my phone up in the morning there's a new game he's downloaded on it, (thankfully he can only download the free ones).
99% of them are kids games that I wouldn't even look at but the other day he came running up to me to say he'd downloaded a game for me. It was actually quite fun so I thought I'd share it all with you.
It's called Cruise Tycoon.
On it, you get to name, design and run your own cruise line from the ground up. You choose what size ship to buy, (you have to save up for more/bigger ships); what port to use as your home port; what routes to sail and how much to charge for them; What food to serve; you get to decorate your cabins; hire a Captain and cruise director; everything you can imagine and more!
And all this can be done on your phone!
Just head to your app store, (I've checked and it's available on both the I phone and Android market), and search for Cruise Tycoon.

Happy cruising!

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