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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Friends of...........

Have you ever been walking around your cruise ship saw a private meeting advertised in one of the function rooms as The Friends of.............A lot of people have asked me what they are as they've seen them on quite a few cruises, so...........

First of, the friends of Bill W. If you've seen this sign on a few different cruise ships the important thing to know is that Bill W isn't just a really popular person. The friends of Bill W is a code name for alcoholics anonymous so that any members have somewhere to go on a cruise.
So if you've ever been walking past with a cocktail in your hand, somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean, my advice is to not pop in to say hello to Bill.

The Friends of Jimmy K - As you've probably guessed by now, not another meeting for friends of Jimmy. If you see this sign on your cruise it's code for a meeting for people with a substance abuse problem, although I have been told that if there's a Bill W meeting on the ship but not a Jimmy K meeting, (or vice versa), you'd still be welcome to attend.

The last one is a little bit different. The friends of Dorothy isn't for people with an addiction problem. The friends of Dorothy, when seen on a cruise ship, is a discreet sign to let people know it's a meeting for any homosexuals onboard, and again I've been told by past passengers of mine that both men and women are welcome.

So that's all the friends of ....... groups that I know of, hopefully it's cleared things up for you but if you've ever seen any other friends of...... groups onboard feel free to post them below.

Happy cruising

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