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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Some fun cruise facts

Just came across a website this morning with some interesting cruise facts. Not sure I can believe all of them but if they are true then WOW! See what you think...................

1. On an average cruise ship over 400 bottles of champagne are drunk every week!
2. A butler on even one of the smaller cruise ships can walk up to 15km per day. That's the equivalent of 11 marathons a month - Eddie Izzard eat your heart out!
3. An average sized cruise ship will get through 26,300 tea bags per week - Not so impressed with that one as that's roughly what my Nan drinks in a week as well.
4. an average sized cruise ship will also use over 750 litres of ice cream in a week.
5. even if it doesn't do a world cruise a cruise ship can travel up to 73,000 nautical miles per year. That's roughly 6 times around the globe.
6. The largest cruise ship in existence, (Allure of the Seas), has room for 5,400 passengers.
7. 152 cruises are booked every hour in the UK -  (although if a few more of you wanted to call me to do it that would be fine as well).
8. On a typical world cruise over 840 bottles of vodka, 312 bottles of gin and 285 bottles of scotch will be drunk.

Strange but true.

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