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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Ultimate luxury line to host ultimate food experience

It's hard to imagine Crystal cruises getting much better. Now that they've done away with onboard credit and moved to the all inclusive option onboard it would seem to some that they're about as good as they're going to get.
Well, to start with I'm sure that's not true. I've never known a cruise line to just sit back and rest on it's laurels; they're always trying to improve things onboard.
However, any passengers booked on the Crystal Serenity this May leaving Dover are in for an extra special treat.
I've just heard that Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is coming onboard to serve in person as the Executive chef for his speciality restaurants, the Silk Road and the Sushi Bar, onboard the Serenity.
This world famous chef is planning to give cooking instruction, will be personally preparing dishes of an evening, setting up photo opportunities with the guests and signing autographs.
And all this is free and only just now being announced, probably months after most people have already booked! Well done Crystal.
Crystal cruises have released information as to what Nobu Matsuhisa will be up to and the press release includes..........
· Nightly appearances and mingling with guests in Silk Road and the Sushi Bar.I really can't believe this wasn't publicised months before instead of guests just getting a bonus once they're onboard, still I guess it just goes to show the difference you get when booking with a six star line.

Happy cruising
· Special add-on “Omakase” dinner, with sake and sake champagne pairings chosen by Sake Master Fumio Hazu, the man behind Nobu’s exclusive “living” Hokosetsu sake, plus explanations of each course by both.  
· Intimate hands-on cooking class in Crystal’s kitchen for 10-12 guests.
· Cooking demonstration for all guests.
· Autograph signings of “NOBU’S Vegetarian Cookbook” and “NOBU the Cookbook”.
· Photo opportunities.
· Sake tasting with Japanese hors d’oeuvres, hosted by Mr Hazu.

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