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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cruise line Godmothers - What do they actually do?

At the risk of committing blasphemy to certain cruisers this question has been bugging me for awhile now........
What do the Godmothers of cruise ships actually do?
As far as I can see they turn up for the launch party, maybe the inaugural cruise and then that's it.
Then they're never heard from again!

As you probably know I'm a travel agent specialising in cruises working for but in all the time I've been selling people cruises I've never once had someone call me up and say.....
'Ooh can I book a cruise on xxxxxxx, I've heard xxxxxxx is the Godmother of that ship!'
It just doesn't happen, so what I'm wondering is why the cruise lines still do it?
 Is it just to make the launch of their cruise ship seem a bit more glamorous? Do the cruise line execs just want to meet their favourite stars?
I don't know, I might be missing something but if they aren't doing all that much I'm wondering how much longer it will be before more cruise lines follow Royal Caribbeans example with Allure of the Seas where they named Princess Fiona out of the Shrek movies the Godmother. at least she can be onboard all the time!
What do you think?
Are cruise ship Godmothers just another relic from a bygone age of cruising or are they still relevant to modern cruising?
Have any of you been on an inaugural cruise and met a Godmother? Or, met a Godmother on a cruise after the launch?

Let me know here.

Happy cruising

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