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Friday, 17 June 2011

P&Os big ships - Are there too many cabins?

The rumour mills have been buzzing recently with the news of P&Os new superliner due for launch in 2015 and speculation has been rife as to what extras P&O will be adding onboard to make this ship 'extra special'.
Anyone who regularly reads my blog will know that I absolutely love the big cruise ships; Oasis of the Seas, Independence of the Seas, the Celebrity Eclipse and their like. One of, if not the only reason I love these ships so much is that there is always so much to do onboard, with loads of features that you just don't see on the smaller cruise ships.
What's got me worried about P&Os new superliner is that it may follow on in the trend set by the Ventura and Azura, currently P&Os biggest ships.
What I love about the big ships is the things like the rock climbing, mini golf and the flow rider with Royal Caribbean or say the lawn club with Celebrity.
Now don't get me wrong, the Azura and Ventura are great ships but they're not really what I class as 'big' cruise ships. They're nice but all they have onboard is the normal compliment of bars, pools, casinos and dining rooms that you get on any smaller cruise ship. They don't have that wow factor that other big cruise ships have. What they do have instead is a lot more cabins which P&O can put a lot more people in and I really hope thats not what they're planning with this new superliner.
The whole point of a big cruise ship to me is for all the extra stuff you get onboard, like the waterslide on the NCL Epic or the new Disney Magic, not just loads of people that a cruise line can make money off. If that's all I wanted I could book myself onto a smaller ship without the crowds.

So what do you think; have you sailed on the Azura or Ventura? How did you think they compared to other superliners? Was there too many people compared to what was offered onboard?
And are you as worried as I am about what P&O have planned for their new super ship?

Happy cruising

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