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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Pink sands

I saw an advert for a land based holiday the other day in the window of a local travel agents offering to send people to a gorgeous pink beach. It caught my eye as I've seen plenty of yellow sand beaches here in the UK, (and my fair share of pebble beaches), and quite a few white beaches abroad but I've never come across a pink one.
So what is a pink sand beach?

Pink sand, in it's simplest form, (and hopefully this wont put you off too much), is made up of dead tiny sea creatures. They're tiny, plankton sized, sea creatures with a small red shell that live on the bottom of certain types of coral reefs. As they die they fall off the reef and sink down to the sea bed and over time the motion of the ocean grinds up the shells and washes them ashore mixed up with the sand, giving particular beaches that 'pink sand look'.
The most famous pink beaches are all in Bermuda however pink sand can be found all over the world, you just need the right type of coral reef.

Have you ever seen a pink sand beach? Was it as beautiful as people claim and does knowing how it was formed put you off it at all?

Happy cruising.

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