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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Fred Olsen Braemar chartered for the Olympics

It's been announced today that Fred Olsen have had to completely re-schedule their cruises for July and August 2012.
The Braemar has been privately chartered by an unknown agency for the full duration of the 2012 London Olympics.
Three cruises have been affected and Fred Olsen are currently in the process of contacting passengers on these cruises.
They will either be offered a transfer to a different cruise of the same length, with some added onboard credit for their inconvenience, or they will be given a full refund for all monies already paid.
I can't really claim that this is great customer service however. Normally when a private organisation charters a cruise ship they do so at least 18 months in advance so that there wont be anyone booked onboard already and it's not like we haven't known about the Olympics for awhile now. This all could of been arranged a long time in advance. I can only assume that the reason it's taken so long is that Fred Olsen have been haggling with who ever has chartered the ship about the price.
That's great for them but if they knew they were going to be chartering it perhaps they shouldn't have booked anyone onboard in the first place; or did they do this as a back up plan in case the deal fell through? As I said not great customer service.

We're still not sure who has chartered the ship, (Fred Olsen aren't saying yet), but if I had to guess I'd say it will be for Olympic workers or maybe the Police/security forces being drafted in. I guess only time will tell. If you've heard anything more please let me know.

If you're worried that a sailing you're booked on may be affected then contact the travel agent you booked the cruise with for all up to date info.

Happy cruising.


  1. Received my letter about this yesterday - quite shocked that a reputable company would do this, and very disappointed.

    1. I was contacted tonight to say my booked cruise would not being going ahead. They offered an alternative date with compensation of £100 per person on board spend. As I can not get the time off work I am having to cancel my holiday! I am not amused and feel totally let down by what I thought was a professional and reliable company.

  2. Agree with you totaly Helen - this should have been done months and monthas ago

  3. Told today that our cruise was cancelled,have yet to receive a letter. Been planning this for two years, so looking forward to taking our sons abroad, but had to tell them it was off when they came home from school.

  4. Got our letter today, they knew this was happening so why did they accept bookings?! Shows that all they care about is the money from this and not customers!

  5. My wife cannot change her annual leave to take advantage of Braemar's rescheduled cruise to Spitzbergen - so we have to cancel. We thought Fred Olsen was a reputable, customer-centric company. Not so - it seems that £££'s come before people. Bad show Fred.

    Disgusted of Nottingham

  6. Informed 23rd Feb. 2012 that our 1st time ever cruise to Norway on the 27th June 2012 has been cancelled by Fred Olsen due to the Olympics. Can only assume that Fred has been offered a large sum of cash for his ship The Arcadia. I feel really angry that he has no thought for his disappointed clientele. Interested only in being bought for money! Ever heard of 'integrity' Fred, probably not. I am a District Nurse and have already been dictated to by NHS employers as to when I take my holiday which I had thought I had booked and paid a deposit on, only to find that I cannot now have this. It would seem Fred that you have spoilt your reputation, I will never book with your company again and inform everyone I know how you have treated your customers by your complete lack of regard. This does not serve your company well. Poor show.