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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Liverpool get go ahead

I can admit when I'm wrong, (I can afford to be big about it as it happens so rarely), and I have to say I really didn't think Liverpool would ever get the go ahead to be used as a turn around port.
I thought there was just too much pressure from Southampton, I didn't think Liverpool council would want to pay back the EU cash grant it was given, I didn't think there'd be enough demand for it and mostly I didn't think the cruise lines would want to.
As I've said though, I was wrong, (mostly).

I've wrote a couple of posts on this subject recently which you can read HEREfor the most part stating my opinion that Liverpool, as a turnaround port, (a port cruises can start or finish in), was mostly useless.
Clearly Liverpool council disagreed with me and have agreed to pay back as much as £9,000,000 of EU cash grants to be given this opportunity.
Only time will tell however on how wrong I really was. Just because Liverpool can now be used as a turn around port, doesn't necessarily mean it will be. All the reasons I've put forward before for it not being used, (it's bad parking, it's lack of amenities, it's distance from the Med and Norwegian fjords etc), still stand.
Well have to see how many cruise lines are willing to relocate to Liverpool now. My guess will be not many.
Cruise and Maritime have already agreed to trial a few cruises from there onboard the Ocean Countess, (passenger capacity only about 800), and I've heard Fred Olsen apparently may try one or two departures from Liverpool as they have in the past but I can't see any cruise lines abandoning Southamton wholesale to relocate up north. It just wouldn't be profitable for them.
Still I was wrong about it being granted turnaround status so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens next
What do you think? Are you looking forward to sailing from Liverpool again?

Happy cruising.

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