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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Bernie Warner bear

I've reported on some strange cruise stories in the past but this has to be one of my all time favourites!
As many of you may know long time serving Commodore of the Cunard fleet Bernard Warner has retired recently, (last April), and it's been reported recently on his blog by Captain Greybeard, (read here), that it seems like Cunard have come up with a rather unique way of honouring him.
Anyone cruising on a Cunard ship this year will have the opportunity of purchasing a unique Bernie Warner bear.
If you still have fond memories of the Commodore and want to help celebrate his career with Cunard then all you need do is book a cruise on either The Queen Mary 2, The Queen Victoria or The Queen Elizabeth this year and pay $24.99 to own your very own Bernie Warner bear.
Now I've seen some crazy things done to commemorate people in the past but I think this is just an amazing idea. I can't wait till I'm back onboard and can buy my very own Bernie bear.
So let's hear from all you regular Cunardians; will you be buying one?

Happy cruising

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