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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Choosing the right cruise ship

Lets ignore costing issues for a moment and lets forget about itinerarys and flights and everything else. If the only decision you had to make was how to choose a cruise ship how would you do it?
What for you are the hallmarks of a great cruise ship? Or looking at it in a different way, what for you makes a bad cruise ship, (does such a thing even exist?)

I know when I think back on my favourite cruise ships I get a very clear picture. I love the stylish, luxurious cruise ships, the classic ones as I call them, so I like lots of dark wood on the walls, lot's of shiny brass and marble with the light reflecting everywhere. A big library with a nice spiral staircase is also nice.
Any Cunarders out there may have already picked up I've just described the Queen Victoria and the Queen Elizabeth to a T.
One of my big bug bears is that the ship has to have a real wooden deck! I hate the look of that fake lino decking some cruise lines use, I think it looks really cheap.
The problem with cruise ships like that is that they tend to be quite small and by day two or three after I've got used to my surroundings I find myself getting a little bored and wishing there was more to do. The Queen Mary 2 is perfect for this except for the fact that my wife is a massive Royal Caribbean fan and won't let me book many Cunard cruises. She prefers things like the flow rider and the rock climbing walls on the Royal Caribbean ships.
So how do you do it?
Do you have to comprimise with your partner?
How do you pick the perfect ship?

Happy cruising.

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