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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Fred Olsen finally go on line! But will people be happy?

It's finally happened! Fred Olsen have joined the 21st century! But is it a good thing?
Fred Olsen have finally jumped on the dreaded e-ticket bandwagon and from today all your tickets will be available to print out direct from their website.

I know some people thing cruise e-tickets are a great innovation, putting control of the process firmly in the hands of the guests. Other people however aren't as keen and still miss the bygone days when they would receive a leather bound 'cruise pack' with all their tickets, luggage labels and shore excursion information inside.
Well, no more I'm afraid.
Most cruise lines have been operating an e-ticket process for awhile now but as I said Fred Olsen were the big hold out until today, posting all tickets out in the post still.
Now don't shoot me for generalising but I think this worked quite well as the majority of Fred Olsen passengers are of the older generation and so many may struggle more with modern technology, (again I mean in general).
What I'm wondering is how will Fred Olsen passengers react to this. What do you think? Are you a Fred Olsen passenger? Will you be happy with the new system? Or do you miss the old days of everything being delivered by snail mail?

Happy e-cruising

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