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Monday, 29 August 2011

Do I need a visa?

I've been writing a series of blogs recently called top tips for first time cruisers, (you can see the full list on a tab at the top of this page, or just click the words highlighted in bold).
However it's been pointed out to me by a very nice lady on our cruise forum, that it's not only first time cruisers that need help, there are some things that all cruisers struggle with, no matter how many times they've cruised before.
One of those issues is applying for a visa.
It's always a bit worrying when you're booking a cruise as to whether you need a visa for any of the countries you visit. Obviously you can ask the person you're booking the cruise with but I thought it might be nice if you could check on the different visa requirements before or even after you've booked your cruise. With that in mind I've found this really useful website, (click here for all visa requirements), that gives you all the possible information you could need to apply for a visa. You just need to put in the country your passport was issued in, the country you're traveling to and the reason for travel. It then very helpfully provides you with all the visa information you could possibly need. Again just click the words highlighted in bold and it will take you straight there.

Happy cruising.

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