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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Top nude cruise destinations

Ok so todays post is a bit tongue in cheek, but considering the response I got to my post about topless sunbathing on Royal Caribbean cruise ships there's clearly an interest out there for nude cruising. It's not going to be about naturist cruises per se, more about some naked beaches you could visit on some of the more popular cruise itineraries as a shore excursion. Feel free to recommend some more if you know of them, (and you're brave enough to admit to it!).

Red Sand Beach, Crete - If you're heading to Crete on a cruise ship and fancy a bit of privacy for your nude sunbathing this sheltered cove may just be perfect for you.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos -  All the reviews I find of this beach online paint it as a bit of a club 18-30 beach with quite a young crowd being attracted there, (not necessarily a bad thing on a nudist beach). However if you do find yourself in Mykonos on your cruise it may be worth checking out.

Plage de Pampelonne, St Tropez, France - St Tropez; possibly one of the most famous European nudist beaches and the one that lends it's name to the Independence of the Seas topless bathing deck as well.
The beach itself is huge, extending for kilometres in either direction but the nudist section is limited to a small portion of the beach towards the south end. If you're interested, Azamara cruise lines do a lot of cruises to St Tropez so it may be worth looking at them.

Es Trenc - Majorca, Spain - Not strictly a nudist beach but if you do fancy relaxing on a Canaries cruise naturists are welcome here. It's a long beach with white sands as you'd expect from Majorca, with the more popular areas perfect for families and it's the more secluded areas where you'll find fellow naturists.

Happy cruising.

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  1. Hi
    I did go nude on a beach once and was caught by the police, who did not press charges for insufficient evidence. Never again