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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Top tips to avoid tipping

Tipping.Always a contentious topics wherever keen cruisers gather to chat. Should I tip, shouldn't I?
Should I pre-pay them, should they be added at the end of my cruise?
Should I tip who I want, should I let the cruise line give my tips out?
I've seen the arguments go on and on and on with the people on both sides of the argument bitterly divided.
The truth is there is no easy answer to the topic, tipping always has and always will be, (for the British market at least), a personal subject. Now, I've written at length in the past on both sides of this argument and to be honest I'm still not sure where I stand on it but I thought it might be fun today if I put together a, (fairly), tongue in cheek guide on how to avoid tipping on your next cruise.

1. Tell your travel agent not to include any pre-paid tips when booking your cruise. This should always be the first step in not paying any tips.

2. On the first couple of days of your cruise, once you're onboard, speak to someone on the reception desk and tell them not to add any tips to your onboard account at the end of the cruise. Not all cruise lines will be happy with this but if your persistent and they will honour your request.

3. Try to sit at a different table each night for dinner. If you don't get to know any one particular waiter then he probably won't expect any tips from you.

4. Eat in the self service buffet. If you're serving the food yourself then there's no need to tip anyone.

5. If it's a short cruise consider asking your cabin steward not to enter your cabin. If he/she doesn't do anything you won't need to tip them.

6. If you still want to dine in the main dining room do so. Just remember to eat in the self service buffet on the last night of your cruise as that's when most waiters will expect tips to be offered.

7. Be firm and stand up for yourself. Other cruisers may try to 'guilt' you into tipping but if you don't want to then stand by your principles and don't.

Fell free to add your own tips about not tipping if you have any.

Happy cruising

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