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Monday, 13 February 2012

Do modern cruise ships need ports of call?

Cruise ships keep getting bigger and bigger and as they increase in size and passenger capacity the cruise lines look for more and more ways of making their ship the 'one' to see. Have any of you ever considered how far this trend will take us though?

Look at the NCL Epic - It's got a rock climbing wall, a bowling alley, an ice bar, Spiegels, (a restaurant that looks like a Big Top with circus performers in the centre), and the world famous Blue Man Group onboard.
Then look at some of Royal Caribbeans ships. They also have rock climbing walls. Most have them have flow riders, ice skating rinks, mini golf courses and their two biggest ships, The Oasis and Allure of the Seas even have parks onboard! Many Carnival ships have water slides onboard them.

So here's my question; how long before the ship becomes the point of the holiday and not the ports of call? Or are we already there?

If I was being slightly unfair and wanted to summarise the attractions onboard 'traditional' cruise ships the list would include bars, restaurants, a theatre, swimming pools and maybe a cinema. So these new 'mega' ships do have a lot to offer people but are the more traditional passengers be happy with the change?

What do you think? Are the older style cruise ships going to be a thing of the past as a new generation of cruisers comes forward all will there always be a place in the cruise world for the likes of Cunards White star Service?

Happy cruising

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