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Monday, 20 February 2012

Fencing on the QV

I was talking to a client of mine today who had just got back from a cruise on Cunards Queen Victoria, (he had a great time by the way). We were discussing all the different things he'd got up to when he mentioned he had taken some fencing classes onboard.
I looked into it afterwards and did you know the Queen Victoria is the only ship at sea to offer fencing lessons?

I think the thing I like about this concept is how 'Cunardian' the idea is. Time was about the only type of exercise you could get on a cruise ship was by playing shuffleboard but these days almost all cruise ships come equipped with a gym and you're increasingly finding bigger and better forms of exercising onboard with the likes of basketball courts, rock climbing walls and even boxing rings.
But Cunard, in typical Cunardian fashion, decided to offer a fencing program! That's just brilliant.
You don't even need to be an expert to take part. They have beginner classes on offer with all the correct equipment and qualified instructors from the British Fencing Association onboard.
The only problem is the classes aren't held in the gym but rather the Queens room, a two storey ball room with viewing gallerys on the second floor so anyone who happens to be walking by can see you making a fool of yourself, (I suppose you've always the option of leaving the mask on though).
The following is a quote from one of the instructors onboard.....
"It is a great way to keep fit. You are taking small steps all the time so it is exercising your leg muscles. It is good for your posture and it is a good mental workout as well. Also fencing is a good social sport - - it is a great way to meet new friends".
Classes are held in small groups of twelve and consist of two tier lessons. The first mandatory lesson will show you the basics, familiarise you with the equipment and give you some important safety techniques. It's the second lesson that sees you pairing off against your fellow classmates on a competitive basis, putting into practise all you've learnt from lesson one.
So the next time you're on the QV and fancy trying something different, why not sign up for some fencing lessons?

En garde!

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