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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Two Jews on a cruise - A review

I've just downloaded a new app for my phone that let's me blog direct from my mobile.
As I was talking about Two Jews on a Cruise yesterday I decided to test it out by writing a review of the show as I was watching it; we'll have to see how well it works.

00.00 - There arguing about the packing of the suitcase - been there, minus the wigs of course.

00:02 - This pair seem a little nuts!

00:04 - Can't believe they haven't been on a holiday in forty years! Still at least there first will be on a cruise.

00:06 - OMG, he's looking forward to the jacuzzi more than anything else. I really don't want to see this guy in a pair of speedos!

00:07 - Oh, it's a speciality kosher cruise ship departing from Haifa

00:09 - ship looks ok but everyone's sunbathing in their coats and jumpers. Maybe that's a Jewish thing???

00:13 - haha he's making his wife do all the unpacking, wish I could learn how. Oh, and then the age old cruise problem of getting the creases out of your suits

00:15 - how rude, she's in the cabaret with her eyes screwed shut and her fingers in her ears - it wasn't that bad!

00:16 - back in the cabin by 9:00, moody so and so's

00:19 - that's a chaotic disembark for Crete.

00:20 - important tip for anyone watching, Zeus and Jesus are not the same person

00:21 - Crete looks really nice but not sure why the tour guide is so aggressive, especially about lemons???

00:21 - I'd pass on the tour guides singing as well

00:23 - I love cabin stewards who make towel animals, it's a guaranteed tip from me

00:25 - couple therapy on a cruise, not a bad idea

00:28 that cabins starting to feel a little cramped for this couple, should've booked a suite.

00:30 - Corfu town and all they can think about is problems with the next port. Enjoy the port of call whilst your there!

00:34 - no work on the sabbath so they can't film in Venice, oh well on to the next stop

00:39 - first impressions of Kotor - beautiful. It's definitely been added to my bucket list

00:48 - that was a big argument over a towel folding demo! I know it's annoying when someone in the audience is talking but stuffing your fingers in your ears and mooing at them might be considered an over reaction by some.

00:60 - not a bad show, maybe not a cruise for me, but then it's a Jewish cruise ship. Very glad I've never met a couple like that on one of my cruises!
What did you think of the show? If nothing else it's made me really want to get out to the Eastern Med on a cruise, what about you?

Happy cruising.

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