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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Headless Horsemanning and Koalaing

Anyone who has followed this blog for awhile now will know that I've got a bit of an obsession with internet crazes and phenomena. It wasn't too long ago that I wrote a couple of posts about planking and owling which you can read by clicking here.......
And I'd still love to organise a flash mob on a cruise ship but in the meantime I've just read about two new crazes set to be sweeping the internet; headless horsemanning and koalaing, which I will be expecting all my readers to trial the next time they're on a cruise ship!

Headless horsemanning I think is genius but will require two of you. It involves one person hiding their head behind some scenery and the other person to hide everything but their head to give the impression you're a headless ghost, (see above picture).
If you can get a shot of yourselves with a cruise line logo in it I will be awarding bonus points and will publish the picture here.

Koalaing, (I think), much like owling before it is just a lazy mans planking as all it involves is hugging something tightlymuch like a koala - One internet craze I'm not impressed with.
Still if you are a fan of one of these......... Planking, Owling, Koalaing or Headless Horsemanning, send me the pictures from your cruise in your favourite pose and I'll publish it here for you for all to enjoy.

Happy cruising.

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