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Monday, 27 February 2012

Is Celebrity Concierge class worth it?

First off Celebrity themselves are great value for money. Their ships, (especially the new Solstice class), are amazing, (see my review here for the last time I was on the Eclipse), but it just seems to me that the Concierge service they offer isn't worth the money you pay for it;  but what do you think?
For those who don't know, Celebrity arrange their cabins a bit different to every one else. You have........
Inside cabins
Outside cabins
Balcony cabins
Concierge class balcony cabins
Aqua class balcony cabins

Whilst other cruise lines have a straight step up from their balcony cabins to their suites, Celebrity have an in between stage called Concierge class and Aqua class.
Well first I think Aqua class cabins are great value for money. They're all about health and well being so if you book one of these you get....
  • Priority seating in Blu, a speciality restaurant created just for Aqua class guests that serves a menu of healthy, 'well being' meals.
  • Hansgrohe shower panels
  • Aroma scent selections for your cabin
  • Complimentary bathroom amenities
  • Plush Frette bathrobes and slippers
  • Enhanced personal care products
  • Daily deliveries of bottled water and teas
  • A personal spa concierge to arrange Aqua spa treatments
  • Free unlimited access to the Persian garden and relaxation room
  • Special programming and wellness classes
So as I've said, with unlimited access to Blu and the Persian Gardens Aqua class is well worth the money. So why am I so down on the Concierge class? Well to start with a Concierge balcony tends to be about the same size as a normal balcony but on average costs about £200 more per person. So if the cabins are the same size you're really just paying that extra for the benefits you get with Concierge and they are.....
  • Early embarkation and disembarkation
  • Priority check in
  • Welcome sparkling wind and fruits in your cabin
  • Main and speciality restaurant seating preferences
  • Expanded breakfast room service menu
  • A pillow menu
  • An extra hairdryer in the cabin
  • Complimentary shoe shine service
Now that all sounds very nice and if I was getting it for free I'd be very happy but if if it's going to cost me an extra £200pp on average what am I really getting for my money?
Being able to get on the ship earlier, a choice of pillows in my room and an extra hairdryer?
Spin it any way you want I can't see that being good value for money, can you?
So what's my tip?
If it's a free upgrade feel free to take Concierge class. If you can afford it book Aqua class but otherwise I'd stick to the normal balcony grades and save yourself the money.
I may be wrong though, I've never stopped in a Concierge grade cabin. Have you? What did you think of it? Were the extras worth the money you paid for them? Let everyone know what you thought here.

Happy cruising.


  1. We had the Concierge Class as an upgrade when on our silver wedding cruise. The little extras were very nice but would not have liked to pay the extra for them which many had and did not like to think that other were getting tham as part of upgrades.


    2. Margaret from Edinburgh, please don't shout. Typing all in capitals is considered shouting.

  2. I booked a Sky suite on a trip to Alaska the year before last - and loved every minute! Lots of extras - flowers and champagne on the first day - and lots of "presents" throughout the cruise such as an expanding bag, leather card holder etc. We has the service of a butler who served sfternoon tea from a trolley to us - and on one occasion four friends as well. Canapes were delivered every evening. We had complimentary entry to the thalasotherapy pool. Our cabin was gorgeous, the balcony huge - and the bathroom with its jacuzzi bath and variety of lovely items such as lip balm, moisturisers etc was brilliant. I can't remember how much extra I paid - but I didn't even realise I had chosen a concierge cabin - I just like to be on the top deck - so it can;t have been that much more than usual. We felt really well looked after - and a bit special on that cruise = thoroughly spoiled!

  3. Anonymous? I do not understand the other headings. We were on the Celebrity Eclipse last year and have booked on the ship again in September 2012. We have cruised a quite a lot and have found this line to be excellent. We book Aqua class as we like the extras such as free room service, free water and the other touches. This time we will use the Aqua facilities a lot more as we now better understand what the class offers. If you want a inside cheaper cabin, its your choice but if you are on a cruise you want to be treated well and Aqua class does just that. I cannot comment on other classes as we have no experience of them on Celebrity. I see somebody is being critical of Celecbrity chefs. You really need to cruise on some other lines to see what rubbish is served up as fine fare. All the food whether it was in the self service or the Blu Restaurant was excellent. The only complaint I had was my fillet steak was too rare (This was immediately rectified with a new well done steak). We cannot fault the service we received on board, that is why we decided to once again book for the Celebrity Eclipse. Some of the people we met were great but there were a few know-alls who looked down their nose at other passengers. Our pet hate as shown on other blogs is greedy pigs of people who pile their plates high when they can return to get more food, and then waste most of it. Would you believe we watched one couple (middle aged) who did this three times in one meal time. Talk about ignorant and helping to put up the price of cruises by their greedy attitude to free food on board.

    Again before you knock any particular cruise line make sure that you have the facts about other lines to compare them with.


  4. I just upgraded to Concierge Class for our upcoming Eclipse cruise in July. It will be the second time for us in Concierge Class on Celebrity.
    But it's not because I think it's anything special...
    We originally booked a 2D balcony--which has an "obstructed view"...#6209...It actually had some benefiots--an oversized balcony...but it also had a lifeboat across half the balcony up to the level of the railing. They just released a "Guarantee" rate on the Concierge Class however, which ended up costing us a mere $186 US--approximately £59 per person for a 14 night cruise. At that rate, it was worth the move up just to rid ourselves of the obstructed view. We are "Elite" Captains Club members, so we get things like priority check in there's even less for us to gain from the amenities...But, for £118, I'm getting a bottle of Champagne, some fruit in the room, a nicer showerhead...and a better view...
    Last time we did the Concierge Class, it was also because we got a fare LESS THAN a 1C or 2A balcony...
    It really all comes down to the price differential as to whether or not it's worth it...More often than not it isn't...but, if you can find it offered as a "guarantee" rate, it usually is...You can't pick your exact cabin, but the WORST Concierge Class cabin on the ship is still pretty good...

  5. Of course, that should have read "£118 MORE THAN the 2D"...

  6. Does Aqua Class also get all the benefits of Concierge such as priority boarding?

  7. Hmmmm, Concierge Class is only $49 more on a 5 night Caribbean Cruise I am booking on Celebrity Constellation.

  8. You also pay for the whole Concierge service, you may or may not use it, but they are there ready to help and they made such a difference on my cruise experience... I am definetly booking on Celebrity again on Concierge Class...