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Friday, 10 September 2010

International Talk Like A Pirate Day

September 19th 2010
Huzzah, it’s nearly here again. You wait and wait and wait and then suddenly it’s only nine days away. International talk like a Pirate Day! Mwah hahahaha! Avast me hearty’s!

Started back in 1996, and based on a romanticised version of the golden age of piracy, (note: see Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean) it’s meant to be a bit of fun for a day where you can greet everyone as “Ahoy there land lubbers”.
In fact if any of my constant readers do call me on the 19th with a pirate accent, I’d be very tempted into giving them some extra discounts on their cruise!

This has been one of the biggest internet phenomenon of our time, and it was all started as a bit of a joke, but for some reason it really caught on.
Make sure you don’t miss out on having a bit of fun with this extra special day, especially if you’re aboard ship on the 19th.
Maybe try the crew with some of these comments;

Lift the skin up, and put into the bunt the slack of the clews (not too taut), the leech and foot-rope, and body of the sail; being careful not to let it get forward under or hang down abaft. Then haul your bunt well up on the yard, smoothing the skin and bringing it down well abaft, and make fast the bunt gasket round the mast, and the jigger, if there be one, to the tie.
—Richard Henry Dana, Jr., The Seaman's Manual (1844)
If the ship go before the wind, or as they term it, betwixt two sheets, then he who conds uses these terms to him at the helm: Starboard, larboard, the helm amidships... If the ship go by a wind, or a quarter winds, they say aloof, or keep your loof, or fall not off, wear no more, keep her to, touch the wind, have a care of the lee-latch. all these do imply the same in a manner, are to bid him at the helm to keep her near the wind.
—former pirate Sir Henry Mainwaring
And if you manage to decipher that you’re a better man than me!

Happy Cruising

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