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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Topless sunbathing on a cruise ship

I've just had a past passenger come back from a cruise onboard the Independence of the Seas and they reminded me about something on the Indy that I hadn't thought of for quite a while. Now I'm not sure if it's just the Indy that has this or all RCCL ships as I've only been on the Independence but have you ever been on the San Tropez deck?

For those of you that don't know the San Tropez deck is the deck onboard the Independence of the Seas that is reserved for topless sunbathing and no, before you ask, you can't book a balcony overlooking it.
The reason that it clicked in my mind is that it reminded me of a recent article I'd read about topless sunbathing on cruise ships.
According to the survey 27% of Brits will sunbathe topless on a cruise ship but only 21% will bathe topless on  beach.
The survey, of 1200 female cruisers also found that only 32% of women would 'never' sunbathe topless on a cruise; quite a scary thought when you consider some of the average age of cruisers, 68% of cruisers would consider sunbathing topless!
But why are they more likely to sunbathe topless on a cruise ship than a beach; I would have thought it would be the other way around.
What do you think? Have you ever sunbathed topless on a cruise/beach? Would you ever consider it?

Happy (naked) cruising.


  1. If you think that's scary, what about the fact that almost 100% of males do it, regardless of age. Now that's positively terrifying!

  2. Good grief! The mind boggles. I didn't sunbathe topless when I was young & slim so no chance now! I remember we were on holiday in Ibiza once and I was standing at the pool edge overlooking the beach. A bloke next to me commented about a large forty something lady who was getting off a pedalo & had no bikini top on, "Not a pretty sight is she!" Sadly I had to agree. Why do they do it?

  3. Have been on IOTS several times and seen many topless females not only on San Tropez deck.In fact one mature lady on another deck who had the boobs of a Jordan was nearly naked but for a thong that was no more than a piece of string.She looked good though and was receiving a lot of attention from the cocktail waiters!Being naturists my wife and I have no problemns with this.We would jump at the chance if they had a section for naked sunbathing,and what if a cruise line could arrange a naked cruise from the UK instead of from the USA all the time!

  4. I think there might be a German cruise line that does naked cruises.

  5. Maybe they do, but not from UK.There are smaller companies operating around Med and Croatian coast but all involve flying.Thats the great thing sailing from UK, no airport hassle.

  6. it is possible to do nude cruising from the uk,to the med and beyond, you just have to look in every nook and cranny to do it!find the nuts and bolts of the scene and go for it!happy cruising!

  7. I love sunbathing topless the feel of the sun on my big naked breasts and people staring at me it makes my nipples really hard

  8. What is the big deal? If men can be topless, and it's normal, why not women? Because they have breasts? Give me a break. In this day and age of equality, are you kidding me? My wife is topless whenever she can, kids or no kids. Europeans and South American women have been and still are, topless and their children are just fine.

  9. I love to show myself as I am pretty flawless. My fantasies are often about a stranger taking me to his cabin after finding my breasts too much for him to resist. Yummy for me. I love the sexualization of my fun bags.